Which cross will you choose? This is the most important decision you will ever make. It’s more important than who you will marry. It’s more important that the career path you will decide. Not making a choice is a choice, a very bad choice.


You can not choose the center cross. The center Cross is for Someone that is Sinless. You and I have sinned. Only Jesus lived in this world with every temptation that you and I could face and remained Sinless. The top white portion of the Cross shows that Jesus went to the Cross Sinless. He willingly chose to do this for me and you. The black on the Cross represents mine and your sins that Jesus chose to take upon Himself. He became Sin for you and me. Only a Sinless Person could pay for our sins but to do that He had to suffer and die. The Red represents the Blood that Jesus shed for you and me. Jesus suffered and died on the cross and was gloriously raised from the dead three days later. He ascended to Heaven to prepare a place for you and me. That is how much Jesus loves you.


This cross was to the left of Jesus. On it hung a robber sentenced to death. In man’s eyes he deserved death because he was convicted of a capital crime. In God’s eye he was guilty not for the quantity or quality of his sin but due to the presence of sin. You and I have the presence of sin in our lives too. He had an opportunity to recognize Jesus as his Savior, but like many other people in this world he chose not to. This man went to the cross in sin. The black on the cross represents his sin. At his death God could only see this man’s sin. God can not allow sin into heaven. This thief was not only condemned to die on the cross, he was condemned to pay for his own sins by suffering eternal torment in Hell . Please, if you don’t chose the other thief’s cross, you have chosen this one. Please do not choose this cross.


This cross was to the right of Jesus. On it hung a robber that was sentence to death. By man’s standards he deserved death. The presence of sin in his life also condemned him to death in God’s eyes. The presence of sin condemns us all to death. The top of the cross is black, representing that this thief went to the cross a sinner. This sinner recognized Jesus as God’s son who sacrificed for his sin. The thief knew he was a sinner and by faith asked Jesus to save him. The red on the cross represents Jesus’s blood that was shed for this thief. Because of the faith that he had in Jesus, his sins were washed away by Jesus’s blood. The white represents the way this thief looked in God’s eyes after the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb of God was applied. Please choose this cross. It is available to you.

I hope you want to choose the cross of the forgiven sinner. If you do, the angels in heaven will rejoice in that decision.

This is how you get forgiveness that lasts forever. You must recognize that you are a sinner. Well, that should not be very hard, (It was not for me and I was not a bad person). You must recognize that Jesus died for your sins, and He is the only way to get forgiveness. (You can not earn your way to Heaven. You can only accept the free gift of salvation through Jesus.) Next, you must talk to God. You talk to him just like he was standing next to you. You tell him that you are a sinner and you desire to quit sinning. You tell him that you believe that Jesus did die for your sins and ask Jesus to be you Lord and Savior. If you do this, you have become a Christian and when you die you will go to Heaven instead of Hell.

Does this mean that you will not sin again? No! We all still sin, but we are still forgiven. The sin after salvation does not change your relationship with God (Did you know that you have become an adopted Child of God). You are still His child and will still go to heaven. It does affect your fellowship with God. To restore your fellowship with God you will need to confess your sins to God.

When you first become a Christian, you are like a baby and need to grow. You need to find a church of the Christian faith where you will be discipled by more mature Christians. You will also need to get a Bible (God’s Holy written Word) and start studying it with help from your church. Although it is not required for Salvation, the very first act of the new believer (that’s a Christian) is to be baptized. In the Bible it was always done by immersion.